Poacher's Range

True to our Irish heritage, we do everything with spirit and a measure of chance just as our namesake did.

You see the quality of the mineral rich Irish water with which we make our drinks is revered around the world.

We are extremely proud to be the first Irish company to produce premium tonic water and ginger ale. And keeping to our original promise, our drinks feature the very best of Irish ingredients along with some exotic international botanicals which create the unique Poacher’s range of natural lower sugar soft drinks.

We develop all our beverages with a care and attention to detail traditionally held for the craft of premium spirits. That’s why Poacher’s drinks are renowned as the perfect partners to a host of superior gins, vodkas and whiskeys.

They are also undeniably delicious in their honest form for those with a taste for true Irish quality.

Recommended Poacher's Serves

Gunpowder Gin, Poacher’s Classic, grapefruit
A refreshingly spicy and very popular all Irish gin and tonic

Hendrick’s Gin, Poacher’s Classic & cucumber
Try Hendrick’s with Poacher’s and taste the subtle rose flavours

Beefeater Gin, Poacher’s Citrus & an orange twist
A bright citrus forward gin and tonic for warm summer days

Jameson Poacher’s Ginger Ale & lime
The ultimate Jameson ginger & lime

Jawbox Gin, Poacher’s Ginger Ale & honeycomb
A very popular serve from the North, delicious with our ginger ale